Summer Mix 2011 Now on Soundcloud

I slapped together a mix of some tunes for a Summer mix or sort. The mix is comprised of tunes that I’ve been into for a little while now, some new to me, some old favorites, and some weirdness here and there.

Rozzy & mix-toor – Korsakov’s 18/32

[dystopiaq021] Rozzy & mix-toor – Korsakov’s 18/32

I’m a week late on this post,  but never late than never I suppose. Last week saw the 21 release from our friends at dystopiaq with a slick and chill hop hop EP by Rozzy & mix-toor, titled “Korsakov’s 18/32″. I’m not a very eloquent reviewer, but shit is hot and objectively speaking worth a listen or several.

Check out the details of this new album or Download directly.

V.A. – dystopiaq 3 | Released

[dystopiaq020] Various – Dystopiaq 3

Designed by Jax, a.k.a.

I’d like to announce that the long-awaited (at least by us at dystopiaq, and hopefully a handful of fans) third installment of dystopiaq artist compilation series has been released.  It was due to have been released approximately a year before, but do to several unforeseen circumstances, it had to be delayed until now.

Please do check it out when you get a chance, as it contains several fresh and interesting artists.

Go to the page for more details or download directly.


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